Keeping Students and Staff Safe

Unfortunately, incidents are susceptible at schools & university campuses. Discover how a centralised platform where security risks can be quickly reported helps the correct, data-driven decisions to be made.

Increase security relevancy across campus.

Security Risk is a cloud-based security guard management system designed specifically for campus security. As a result, the risk of physical, financial, and reputational damage is significantly reduced. Incidents can be reported in real-time, and back-office users can intercept, dispatch and address incidents, as well as put preventative actions in place to prevent future threats.

Powered by Sentry.

Invest in a company powered by Security guard tour system:
• Improve communication at every level.
• Boost security guard productivity and accountability.
• Provide access to live data.
• Improve visitor management processes to keep unauthorised visitors off campus.
Sentry. A complete lifesaver in campus security.

Reduce campus security risks.

Using Security Risk's mobile app solution, security guards can conduct guided site tours. Back-office users can effortlessly create and assign them to individual or multiple security guards to keep them active throughout the shift. NFC, QR, and Virtual site tour tags are supported by Security Risk, which can be programmed to simply view guard progress through each tour quickly.