Protect Your Shop and Staff With Smart Security Software

Prevent shut-down events & compliance issues.

A retail break-in can easily lose $10,000 worth of assets. And worse still, it may not be covered by insurance. Quality retail security systems can significantly reduce the risk of it happening in the first place.

You do you, and we’ll do us.

Our security guard management platform is a next-level solution; assembled to give you the edge when you offer tailored residential security guard services, such as:
• Minimise various challenges faced in day-to-day operations.
• Uninterrupted communications.
• Submit reports on the move.
• Conduct site tours and do so much more.
Security Risk is the answer that gives operations effortless live visibility.

Enhance visitor management processes.

Shopping centre visitor numbers are extensive, that’s why visitor management is essential. The Security Risk visitor manager registers & shares the particulars of visitors & vehicles, with time in & time out data. Using the mobile app, guards create entries without compromising security. The app can also be used during an emergency to evacuate visitors.