Security Software for the Mining, Oil & Gas Industry

Remote sites can be victim to various degrees of wrongdoing. Providing only security guards to such sites does not add an adequate level of safety. Security guard management is also necessary in ensuring effective site safety. Security Risk is the ultimate solution for managing your security guards in resource extraction sites to ensure safety.


Risks when obtaining developmental land with vacant buildings include:
• Squatters -
The most common problem with empty buildings was an opportunity
for squatters to move in, which could cause delays for the customer’s
• Theft -
The customer also recognised these properties were at risk of theft due to
the lack of security presence.
• Vandalism -
In addition to the lack of security providing ample opportunity for theft,
the empty buildings presented an easy target for vandals.


Keeping a construction on track and within timescales is a critical factor. Eliminating the issues of squatters, thieves & vandals before they arise can save valuable time and money for the project. Rather than having site wide security coverage, it would be highly effective to deposit security in high-risk areas. Money, time & reputation can be saved with the correct security operation in place.


Essential risk assessments are carried out to identify the weak points at the customer’s sites. This analysis would reveal the areas of greatest risk, enabling security to be better positioned in these areas.
Effectively, the integrated security solution involved an effective mixing of manned security professionals with high-tech solutions.

The security solution put in place included:

Mobile Patrol and Response Teams

Highly trained security professionals patrolling high-risk areas and responding to threats. Response teams have access to Security Risk login for real-time incident reporting.

Video Alarm Systems

An intrusion detection system was put in place at critical points within the customer’s sites. Video systems would detect movement in the protected areas and record 10-second clips, which would be sent back to the Operations dashboard for realtime verification.

24/7 SOC/ARC Support

There is full-time access to the Security Risk SOC for constant monitoring of video equipment. Due to the comprehensive risk assessment, Security Risk was able to place video surveillance in the areas most likely to be at risk, which provided for a much more effective and cost-efficient solution.