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Announcing Security Risk Manager 1.2 and the new SRM-Portal (Mobile)

Announcing Security Risk Manager 1.2 and the new SRM-Portal (Mobile)


The new SRM-Portal (Mobile) brings 24/7 operation visibility out of the Command Centre and into the mobile application. Users can now track and stay on top of their security operations while on the go. Another major update to Security Risk Manager (SRM) is the Visitor Management tool that is added to the 1.2 version of SRM-Portal, SRM-Sentry and SRM-Customer. SRM suite of products 1.2 version (SRM-Portal, SRM-Sentry, SRM-Responder, SRM-Customer) are available now as a free software update.

“The new release contains features that were taken from feedback of customers over the last 3 to 6 months. We see an urgent need for remote access while being on the go for security business owners and operation managers, especially during this pandemic when many are unable to go to the physical site or leave their home. Developing the SRM-Portal mobile version will definitely make it easier for them to monitor their operations offsite and while being on the move,” said Dennis Hooijmaijers, Chief Technology Officer of Security Risk. “As keeping people safe is the main priority for Security Risk, we have also developed the visitor management feature to help automate the process of registering a visitor and assist companies in keeping their premise secure.”

SRM-Portal (Mobile): Tracking made easy

With the new SRM-Portal (Mobile) application, user can now monitor patrols, assign personnel to ad-hoc patrols whenever and where ever they are using their phone. The app also allows user to assign assets to the guards and responders.

Keeping track of latest incidents becomes a breeze with real-time updates of incident reports sent by guards, responders and clients. This allows user to stay on top of crucial and critical security needs. Attending and assigning suitable and trained responder to emergency situations while on the go is now also possible.

SRM-Portal 1.2: Monitor visitors from multiple sites

Access records of visitors from multiple sites in any parts of the world. Conduct analysis and generate reports of visitor data quickly and easily from the reporting view of SRM-Portal.

SRM-Sentry 1.2: Track visitors to keep site safe

Check-in and check-out of visitors now with SRM-Sentry Visitor Management feature. User can keep track of visitor information, input photos and IDs from the mobile app for ease of verification. Speed up the check-in process with recurring visitor lists and QR code scan from the mobile app. Improve security by identifying who is in the facility through the visitor list or search function of the app and be able to account for the visitors in the premise during emergency situations.

Additional SRM 1.2 Features

  • (SRM-Portal) Simultaneous Creation for Business Client/Customer/Site/Patrol to speed up the process of onboarding and setting up of SRM for the user company
  • (SRM) Comprehensive knowledgebase of Help Information is now available for users to access and learn more about SRM.

New software features will be available in October 2020 as a free software update for Android and iPhone.

Security Risk brings a new approach to smart security solutions by combining flexible rapid response services with local intelligence to keep people safe. Extensive studies and testing were conducted in Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea to ensure a trusted product that can operate in difficult environments. Its Security Risk Manager (SRM)-Platform is a multi-faceted solution that helps security companies and for companies with security in their operations transform their operations intelligently and bring more value to customers, personnel, and overall business operations. It is developed with reference to international standard, ISO18788:2015 Management System for Private Security Operations and works on the cloud in low-bandwidth environments, offline or in a closed network to ensure utmost functionality under any conditions. The company is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Adelaide, Australia and Edinburgh, UK. Learn more at www.securityrisk.com, Like us on FacebookLinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @_securityrisk.

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