How It Works

The GPS-enabled SRM-Sentry works to support guard’s safety by enabling them to give regular updates of their safety status and trigger an alert if their safety is compromised. It also allows the users to see the tasks they have at hand and perform them with ease.



Ensure security guard safety

Keep your people safe as the app allows users to flag a security issue and call for emergency back-up—anytime and anywhere.

Enhance workforce productivity and compliance

SRM-Sentry gives security guards a quick access to their tasks and patrol assignments which allow them to perform their activities with urgency.

Make incident reporting faster

With SRM-Sentry, guards can make reports of incidents complete with rich media more efficiently, reducing the time and paperwork on the part of your security guards.

Track visitors to keep site safe

With SRM-Sentry, guards can check-in and keep track of visitors with ease. It is beneficial in securing your building’s entry points and also help improve security by identifying who is in the facility quickly and accurately in emergency situations.

Robust app that works on no network

SRM-Sentry is designed to operate in off-line mode. Just sign in your guard while online and they can perform their patrols and write incident reports while completely offline. The system will upload and synchronise as soon as it has a connection.


Makes site patrolling efficient for security guards

  • Convenient view of patrol routes
  • Provides reminders and ad hoc notifications to start a patrol
  • Real time and offline modes to notify supervisors of patrolling status

Incident Reporting

Streamlines incident management, investigation, reporting for maximum results

  • Easily generate incident reports to be sent to supervisors as they happen
  • Guards can submit rich media such as photos and voice recording to support reports
  • Uploads reports when network is available to ensure no information is lost

Emergency Assistance

Safeguards security guards as they perform their duties

  • Notify responders and supervisors that back up is required
  • Monitor in real time who is coming to assist and where they are
  • Identify safe zones and other colleagues nearby that can also render assistance

Visitor Management

Streamline visitor management processes and maintain control of authorized visitors 

  • Keep track of visitor information and capture IDs of them for ease of verification
  • Speed up check-in process with recurring visitor lists and QR code scans

Start managing your security business for success

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