How It Works

Cut response time to a minimum. Responder is a mobile app that lets your emergency responders accept and fulfill assistance requests. If the situation escalates beyond your staff’s capabilities, the Responder emergency button can be used to signal nearby security colleagues. Users also offer the option to be tracked via GPS for added security.



Ensure Responder Safety

Tracking exact responder locations in real-time ensures immediate assistance can be sent when needed, saving crucial seconds.

Provide Rapid-Action Assistance to Customers

Response time is kept as short as possible, showing an uncompromising commitment to customer security. Once they call for help, your people will be there fast.

Mitigate Risk and Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Security has its risks, but the right tools can make sure these risks are kept to an absolute minimum, not only for financial and legal reasons, but also because responders deserve every ounce of safety you can provide.


Makes site and mobile patrolling efficient for responders

  • Convenient view of patrol routes
  • Provides reminders and ad hoc notifications to start a patrol
  • Real time and offline modes to notify supervisors of patrolling status

Incident Reporting

Streamlines incident management, investigation, reporting for maximum results

  • Read, create, update and provide recommendations for incident reports to be shared with the company as they happen
  • Submit rich media such as photos and voice recording to support reports
  • Uploads reports when network is available to ensure no information is lost

Emergency Assistance

Safeguards responders as they perform their duties

  • Notify responders and supervisors that back up is required or respond and provide assistance
  • Track and identify where and who is involved in the emergency and what is currently happening
  • Identify safe zones and other colleagues nearby that can also render assistance

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