How It Works

The SRM-Portal is the heart of the SRM-Platform which acts as the Control Room with 24/7 visibility of all the ins and outs of every aspect of the security operations.



Track, Manage, and Control Your Security Personnel

Keep a firm grip on overtime costs by monitoring your guards’ start and end shifts with the SRM Portal. You can enjoy full control over the hours a worker logs per day, week, or month. Real-time notifications let you stay on top of coverage issues.

Maintain a Record of Event

SRM-Portal lets you access incident and visitor reports within the dashboard at any time, providing a reliable “paper trail” that serves as a reliable reference for future visits, patrols and investigation.

Create a Centralized View of Your Operations

SRM-Portal gives you access to pinpoint security analytics and operations architecture through a real-time security dashboard. Easily view incident reports, guard tours, visitor records, shifts, or any critical information. You can also identify key sites that require extra attention.

Protect and Manage Your Visitors Data

With SRM-Portal, you can automate the entire process of registering a visitor and streamline the check in and check out process in seconds. Obtain real-time access to visitor lists that can come in handy in times of emergency and reporting.

Reporting View

Generate rich reports with the touch of a button.

  • Filter, view, and review the content of the reports
  • Export reports to PDF to allow them to be easily shared with your Customers
  • Easily audit tasks, visitors of sites, and incident reports ensuring contract, personnel, and contact tracing compliance

Operations View

Monitor personnel and assets that are assigned to keep operations running smoothly whether you are at the Control Room or using the mobile application while on the go.

  • Monitor and assign who is on task and what they are doing
  • Quickly see incidents in real-time so that you can manage and assign resource to resolve them
  • Give your guards the assets they need to perform their work and confirm handover procedures are performed

Emergency View

Stop what you are doing and make sure your personnel and customers are safe.

  • Quickly highlight who is in trouble and where they are
  • Easily identify qualified individuals who can assist
  • Monitor to conclusion and write up your findings

Managerial View

Easily add and edit new Assets, Business Clients, and Personnel to ensure operations go smoothly even while you are off-site.

  • Add, Edit and archive your equipment and personnel
  • Keep qualifications up to date to ensure proper safety with dangerous equipment
  • Create sites for business clients, patrols, and zone to help keep your customers and their assets safe

Start managing your security business for success

The SRM-Platform integrates your processes, operational assets and risk into a host of web and mobile applications. See it in action.