How It Works

Keep abreast of security updates in your region with the SRM-Customer app. Clients can also send out emergency response requests and have trained responders to come to their aid and keep them safe.

Users can report and share incidents as well as specific security information such as incidents that occurred on their work sites.



Real-time security updates to Customers

Your clients can stay updated on the latest security updates in the region to ensure that they avoid high risk areas.

Emergency assistance in times of need

Receive assistance from properly trained and equipped responders during emergency situations and track their whereabout during the process.

Quick visitor sign in for ease of entry

Use the app on your site visit to ensure smooth and quick access to the location.


Streamlines incident management, investigation, reporting for maximum results

  • Read, create, update and provide recommendations for incident reports to be shared with the company as they happen
  • Submit rich media such as photos and voice recording to support reports
  • Uploads reports when network is available to ensure no information is lost

Emergency Assistance

Safeguards Customers as they travel in the region

  • Notify responders and supervisors that help is required
  • Monitor in real-time who is coming to assist and where they are
  • Identify safe zones and other personnel nearby that can also render assistance

Start managing your security business for success

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