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Choose the plan that fits your organization’s requirements.


US $100 Per Month

Package includes

  • 10 Sites
  • 3 x Supervisors
  • 3 x Responders
  • 10 x Sentry Logins


US $180 Per Month

Package includes

  • 20 Sites
  • 5 x Supervisors
  • 5 x Responders
  • 20 x Sentry Logins


US $350 Per Month

Package include

  • 50 Sites
  • 10 x Supervisors
  • 10 x Responders
  • 50 x Sentry Logins

BASIC. Is for small security operations with up to 10 sites (Sentry Logins) and a 2-3 person operated control room managing a limited amount of critical incidents. They can have up to 3 mobile units operational under SRM-Responder servicing primarily response tasks and limited transport tasks.

ADVANCED. Is for small to medium security operations with up to 20 sites with a more complex control room and allows for multiple critical incidents to be managed. They can have up to 5 mobile units operational under SRM Responder servicing a range of response and transport tasks across a limited area of operation.

PLUS. Is for medium to large security operations with up to 50 sites (Sentry Logins) and large control room, or multiple control rooms able to manage multiple and complex critical incidents. They can have numerous mobile units servicing a range of response, management and transport tasks across a wide area of operation, or in multiple areas of operation.

EXTRAS. Each plan can be customised to add additional Sites, Supervisors, Responders and Sentry Logins depending upon your operational profile. Users can change between plans to suit their operational needs.

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    Security Risk Manager (SRM) Platform and its associated products (SRM-Portal, SRM-Sentry, SRM-Responder and SRM-Customer) have been developed with reference to ISO 18788:2015 Private Security Operations Management System.


    "We now have the ability to run all our scheduled patrols, manage emergency responses, report incidents and provide monthly client reporting in a way that we couldn’t previously."

    "I say give it a go. It costs nothing to use during the trial period and it will change your operations. It is easy to implement and cheaper than anything on the market."

  • - Security Manager and Director in Timor-Leste

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to your most important questions.

    How does Security Risk work?

    Security Risk Manager is a Platform of products that helps companies manage their entire security operations. Security Risk is cloud-based online platform software that connects Customers (corporate or individual) who wish to receive Security Services, on one hand; and Security Service Providers (SSP) who hire security guards and provide security services, on the other hand. Security Risks’ applications (web portal and mobile applications) allow customers to locate and request for security services.

    Security Risk also provides an equipment and personnel management platform to Security Service Providers. This allows Security Service Providers, for example, to have an overview of incidents/responses, location of its security personnel and set and monitor patrol routes. Customers of the Security Service Provider can benefit from the entire platform and access the Security Service Provider’s services, general customers are free to access any Security Service Provider active in their region.

    How long is the free trial?

    For Security Service Providers using the platform to run their business, this is 3 months, during this period you can trial different levels of access and establish your needs and the level of subscription that fits your business. For Customers, access to the system, information, emergency response on call is free. Customers only pay when they access services from Security Service Providers, this may be advice, emergency response, or guard services. Newsfeed remains free for all users.

    Is my information secure?

    Yes, please read through our Information Security Policy.

    Do I need to purchase a device from Security Risk to use the software?

    No. Security Risk is an online platform which can be downloaded to your computer and its app can be downloaded to your existing Android or Apple mobile devices. Number of installations and downloads is based on your subscription.

    Which phones are supported by Security Risk?

    Android and Apple mobile devices.

    Do I need to train my guards to use Security Risk apps?

    You can train your guards using our online training videos and webinars. Any assistance required you can reach us on our support services desk.

    Which countries is Security Risk available in?

    Security Risk is available in any country however we are launching specifically in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Philippines. If you are outside these regions and you want to use the software then email us at support@securityrisk.com and we will establish a region for you.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes you can. Please note any cancellation after the start of the month will incur full month subscription charges.

    How can I contact support?

    You can reach our support via email: support@securityrisk.com, live chat from our website or call any of our 6 contact centre numbers below. We are open from 8am to 8pm (GMT+8). 

    Australia – +61 8 7100 1666
    Singapore – +65 3165 4555
    United Kingdom – +44 131 608 1888

    United States – +1 808 600 3633
    Malaysia – +60 3 3099 6000
    Philippines – +63 2 8639 6866