Security Management Platform For Healthcare Facilities

Live Monitoring of Security Guard Activity

Certain security threats are unique to healthcare facilities. For these situations, a proper management of security personnel with a high quality security service is required, such as:
• Build daily activity reports.
• GPS tracked whilst conducting tours and patrols.
• Analyze data graphically.
• Make action plans to identify future security threats.

Visibility into security patrols.

Healthcare facilities are faced with numerous threats. At Security Risk, we believe in helping you gain clear visibility and realise the full potential of your security guard operations. This ensures complete safety via our powerful visitor management system. With Security Risk, you can eliminate manual processes and focus on taking immediate actions to mitigate the threats.

Stay focused; leave the security to us.

Guard mobile app and a centralized back-office dashboard is a match made in heaven. You and your guards can stay connected and respond to any incident readily and efficiently. Automate your entire security operations, from:
• Scheduling shifts.
• Reporting.
• Payroll & more.
Your clients can invest themselves more in ailing their day-to-day operations