What products do you have?

We currently have 1 product, Security Risk Manager (SRM). More products will be developed in the coming months that will be catered to the services-based businesses.

How does Security Risk Manager work?

How long is the free trial?

Can I upgrade the plan during the trial?


Payments and Pricing

How can I pay for my subscription?

Only credit card payments are accepted. You will be required to enter your credit card details prior to the start of your 14-day trial. Deduction of payment will only take place after the end of one month subscription. 

When do I pay for the subscription?


Are you able to customise your solution according to my requirements?

Our SRM platform is a global solution that is built to be applicable to all markets, this ensures that no matter where your customers are based in they are getting a similar and consistent experience when using our suite of products. You can use the features that we have in a creative manner to make it applicable to your requirements and this allows us to be globally consistent, yet locally relevant. However, if you have specific requirements which require customisation, do speak to our Contact Centre Specialist to find out more!

Aside from the technology, what other value-added benefits do you provide to customers to ensure we stay engaged?

Security and Privacy

Can you request for access to your personal data?