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Law enforcement offices contain highly confidential information that when fallen into the wrong hands, can put many lives in jeopardy. More than the critical information, they also house personnel whose security cannot be compromised. It is crucial for law enforcement facilities to be extremely secure from any type of threat, with no room for error.

As an institution tasked to uphold the citizen’s safety and security, it must also defend itself and its people from any possibility of breach, threat, and danger by any means.



Identify Risks Ahead of Time

Transparent reports on tasks, incidents and concerns help identify problem areas that can help you develop a more robust security strategy

Overall Security of Law Enforcement Facility

Keep a clear and digital record of whoever goes in and out of any area across the facility at any time of day.

Optimized Security Within Reach

Monitor daily activities, receive thorough incident reports, plan an effective security personnel scheduling scheme, and be in touch with an emergency response team in one convenient technology.

Reliable Connectivity to Aide Security Guards

Our technology is guaranteed to work regardless of network reception, letting you seamlessly connect with security personnel and emergency response teams ready to provide assistance.

Synchronized Security Operations

Control security operations from task management, surveillance, incident reporting, data gathering, and security personnel in a singular dashboard, real-time at your Command Centre or while on the go via the SRM-Portal (Mobile) application.

Comprehensive Daily Reports

Receive full reports of security performance at the end of every day and use collated data to improve your strategy for safety.

Start managing your security business for success

The SRM-Platform integrates your processes, operational assets and risk into a host of web and mobile applications. See it in action.