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The healthcare industry often finds itself heavily at risk from security threats, especially information security mostly due to the amount of confidential and highly-sensitive information it holds. While many healthcare institutions uphold patient privacy, it faces a unique challenge of bearing the requirement for providing easy access to medical data in cases of emergency.

The scenario worsens as the industry is still lagging behind in terms of technology adoption of security technologies to protect critical patient data and ward off physical security alarms such as insider threats and trespassers.



Analyze Risks

Prevent, detect and mitigate risks and threats with clear visualization and automation of your incident and response plans.

Secure Hospital Facility

Deploy security officers to survey hospital premises by leveraging security tools to send alerts, request assistance and detect possible threats to safety.

Automate Investigations

Coordinate your systems, processes, and people to a single dashboard, allowing you to automate investigations from a single screen, leading to a faster response time.

Daily Activity and Incident Reporting

Streamline communications between hospital security officers and relevant stakeholders by utilizing a faster reporting system on incidents, tasks or any security concerns as they happen during the day.

Site Management and Patrol Management

Assign patrol tasks to hospital security officers according to their availability and intensify patrol on hospital facilities that need more attention.

Real-Time  Dashboard

Establish a unified view of hospital security officer activities throughout multiple sites.

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