Industry Info

Every corporation has its own unique set of challenges as it makes its way to growth, progress, and success. Each has their own market strategy specifically designed to help them achieve their goals. But there is one challenge these corporations, regardless of industry, all face in common. And that is the threat to their safety and security.

Many corporations still find themselves sticking to the old ways of pen and paper as a means to log data, making this valuable information vulnerable to all types of breaches. Competition, danger, and emergencies come in all shapes and forms and often come unannounced. It is critical for corporations to be able to protect itself from any incidents that threaten its success and stability.



Security of Business Facility at Every Corner

Seamlessly plot security plans, prevent occurrences of threat, and detect malicious activities instantly with a system that functions like a control room right at the convenience of your own hands.

Dependable Response Team

Our system works even in areas with little to no connectivity, making it easy to get in touch with a security and emergency response team ready and equipped to attend to your safety concerns.

Holistic Smart Security Solutions

With the SRM-Platform, you can track data, synchronize system processes, and connect people all in a single dashboard making it easier for you to operate and get on top of everything you need to know from a single screen.

24/7 Dashboard

Access and view security personnel activity in all your establishments on multiple sites, any time of day.

Onsite and Patrol Operations Management

Plot your business security strategy. Cover your bases and create an effective scheduling scheme with your security personnel; and have the convenience of an on-call emergency response team assigned to attend to your safety needs.

Efficient and Reliable Incident Reporting

Never miss a detail of what you need to know in terms of security and loop-in stakeholders that need to know, too. Detailed reports on incidents, tasks, and other concerns will let you identify and address problem areas so you can resolve them.

Start managing your security business for success

The SRM-Platform integrates your processes, operational assets and risk into a host of web and mobile applications. See it in action.