Guarding & Patrol Mobile App for Security Guards

The Sentry Mobile app enables Guards to perform security patrolling efficiently, keep track of the tasks they have at hand, communicate within the team, manage on-site visitors, submit incident reports, trigger an emergency alert if their safety is compromised, respond to emergency alerts on the network, and more.

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Smart Patrol & Guard Tours

From digital checklists to QR checkpoints, security guards can patrol without any possible errors.

Guards receive push notifications for shift reminders or new tasks

Guards know exactly where to patrol, with interactive maps and QR checkpoints

Never lose connection. Sentry works in low bandwidth areas

Incident Reporting Made Easy

Provide basic or detailed incident reporting with a range of rich media upload options

Share incidents immediately with the people that need it

Simple interface for accurate and real-time incident notification every time

Visitor Management

Track known people onsite with online check-in via QR codes

Track visitors onsite with manual check-in at the entry

Maintain an auditable and searchable record of who is onsite at all times

Ad-hoc Task Assignments

Allocate any incident to any guard for follow-up tasks

Immediately create welfare checks or ad hoc patrols to deal with emerging issues

Notify entire security guard force in one communication with no loss of information

Emergency Response

Quick activation in an emergency when you only have time to press one button

Notifier unable to cancel sent emergency notification until safety has been verified

Permanent incident log of emergency incident created in real-time

Guard Analytics

Track how many guards you have on each site for client verification

Track guard hours worked on each shift

Track and compare hours worked to rostered hours