Security Guard Management Software For Security Firms

Take your security business to the next level.

Boost your security business profitability

Make sure you’re focusing on delivering a quality service and adding value for your customers, not losing time and money on unnecessary admin. Back-office automates tedious scheduling processes, allows you to react to unforeseen circumstances, and bill and invoice your clients with transparency and accuracy like never before.

Smart Software for Security Firms

Security Risk revolutionary security workforce management software channels the power of data, analytics and automation to help improve security businesses worldwide. By delivering precision and value, this innovative software can help you transform your security business into a value-added service.

Boost Security Guard Productivity

Give your officers the tools to deliver quality service. With Sentry app so your guards can easily create and submit reports, moving you from reporting after the fact to real-time insight. Reduce training needs and provide more guidance by creating automated guard tour and mobile patrols to support your guards’ service delivery.

Improve and demonstrate the quality your security services

Not only does Security Risk give you operational efficiency, but it also makes showcasing the value of your security effortless. There is an increasing demand from clients to see a demonstration of ROI, and Security Risk makes it easy to compile this metric by giving you access to real-time and historical data.

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