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Enable the new Virtual Patrol feature on Security Risk Manager ver 1.7.0 for maximum benefits

Enable the new Virtual Patrol feature on Security Risk Manager ver 1.7.0 for maximum benefits

Security Managers can now enable the new Virtual Patrol feature and receive the many benefits of monitoring premises remotely.

The Security Risk Manager is launching a new patrolling feature – Virtual Patrol. The Virtual Patrol involves the use of surveillance equipment* (no integration required) to perform patrols remotely.
* New or current surveillance equipment such as CCTVs and drones.

Security Guards, Responders, Supervisors and even Managers can take on the role of Virtual Guards to provide a holistic security approach. They can conduct Virtual Patrols from the control room or anywhere they can connect to their web and mobile applications.

Virtual Patrol is a versatile feature that complements various surveillance equipment, to ensure and prove that the Security Team is conducting checks. 

Just like Mobile Patrol, Virtual Patrol can be scheduled, assigned, performed, monitored, recorded, and reported. Virtual Patrol is verified using system generated date and time stamping. Patrolling evidence can be upload in various forms such as image, audio, and text.

Problems that can be solved or mitigated by using Virtual Patrols include (but not limited to):
• Distance & Accessibility
• Accessing Sensitive Locations
• Observing Dangerous Situations
• Human Resource Limitation

• Offering an alternative patrolling method.
• Increasing security and patrolling regularity.
• Providing better site coverage with limited resources.
• Reducing cost while optimising manpower productivities and capabilities.
• Minimising liability risks to businesses/properties and security guards.
• Allowing safe and secure surveillance of sensitive/dangerous areas.

Other new features on Security Risk Manager version 1.7.0
• Enhanced Incident Reporting feature has fields, such as ‘What’, ‘How’, and ‘Why’.
• Enhanced Incident Report Distribution feature with sharing option to personnel, customers, or both.
• Security Managers and Supervisors can improve internal operational and reporting processes by creating follow-up tasks, prompting responses, and reviewing events that linked to incidents.

This is a new and value-added feature in Security Risk Manager. No integration to hardware is required. Schedule for a demo today!

New and upgraded software features are now implemented on SRM-Operations (for Security Managers), SRM-Sentry (for Guards), SRM-Responders (for Responders), and SRM-Customers (for End-users). Download the latest version on Android and iPhone.

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